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What foods does your family celebrate Thanksgiving with?

November 27, 2009

Lumpia! Doesn't that make your mouth water!

I spent part of yesterday craving turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole – all the traditional American foods for Thanksgiving. And I certainly got plenty of turkey and ham, but right next to it was the Pancit and the rice and the new dish I hadn’t seen before that included crab meat and quail eggs – yum! I have also found that the holidays are just not the holidays anymore unless there is Lumpia!!

A friend was telling me how as kid there was always Dolmathes at their family gatherings and even if they might not have fit the Norman Rockwell vision of Thanksgiving I know that my friend LOVES her father’s Dolmathes.

Next year my daughter will be almost a year old (that’s old enough for solid foods even if she won’t be chomping on a turkey leg just yet) and we get to start our own traditions. As I look forward I certainly have the Rockwell vision stuck in my head (that’s what I was raised with), but as a family our American experience is more rich than that. Of course I am going to have to brush up on my Lumpia skills because right now I just can’t compete with the family recipe.

Don't forget the Lumpia and the Dolmathes - and I am betting there is Dinuguan in that silver tureen.

So what foods are traditional to you? Whether your family has been here for several generations or you just immigrated recently – what are the foods that you put on the table to celebrate the day when we give thanks?

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